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Stay Positive!

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Easter Activities

Daily Dojo Messages and Tasks



Good morning everyone! The weather looks like its picking up and going to be quite warm over the next few days. How about you go on a lovely walk and do a scavenger hunt? Before you go, make a table with all the things you would hopefully see on your walk and see how many you can tick off!

I am about to read our familiar 'Jampires' story to you. Can you slightly edit it and make your own version? Perhaps you could have a hampire that comes and steals slices of ham from your fridge. Or a sconepire who comes to nibble on the soft inside of your freshly baked scones. I'd love to see your finished stories and the land of your creatures!

I would also like you to use our coding link from the website to spend some time improving these ICT skills :)

Have a fab day!



Good morning!

Is your pizza shop still open today? You can carry on making some more pizza orders for other people, perhaps this time you could find 2/4 or 2/3 as your cheeky challenges.

I'd love for you to spend a bit of time on your times tables rockstars today, let's get our times tables so quick that by the time you get back you will know them off by heart!

I would also like you to think back to the story of the Jampires that we studied together. Can you try to do your own story map and retell the story to your family? Tomorrow I will read the story back to you and we will try to make our own version :)

Have a great day!



Good morning!

Hopefully yesterday's maths task will have refreshed your memories of how to find a fraction of a quantity. Today I want you to find some paper or card and make your own pizza restaurant! Can you make 20 pieces of pepperoni, 10 pieces of pineapple and 15 slices of tomatoes? For my pizza order I would like you to make me a pizza using 1/4 of your pepperoni, 1/2 of your pineapple and 1/3 of your tomatoes. Remember, to find the fraction of the whole you can either share them into the correct EQUAL groups (look at the denominator) or group them up just like we do when we are dividing. A short video of how to do this is on the way! You can now make some other pizzas with your family! You can make whatever toppings, get creative with your drawings and cuttings. You can change the amount of toppings you start with too, but my cheeky challenge to you is whether you think it matters what number we start with if we want to find a half, quarter or third?

How about getting active outside today? Last term we started to make our own circuits in PE. Do you have anything at your house that you could make a bit of a circuit with?

Have a good day!



Good morning everyone, I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Today I would like you to write your first entry in your new diaries. It can be something you did last week, something you did at the weekend or whatever you're up to today. We can add to this daily and keep it as a memory of this time.

I would also like you to try and refresh your memories on our fractions work by completing fraction questions in your maths pack. This will help us for an activity tomorrow!

Since it's Monday, we would do reading for a longer period of time in the classroom so I would like you to find a nice quite place, snuggle up and get comfy and read two whole books! You can read one from home or something from the Myon library. You can read one that I have suggested or find one that takes your fancy. 😊😊📖



Good morning! You have nearly made it a week learning from home and boy am I proud of you all. 

Today I would like you to set up your very own shop. You could use food, shoes, toys or anything else to sell. Make some price tags and ask your family to come and buy some things. Can you add up the prices correctly? Remember, you can use your addition skills from this week. My top tip is to always add the pennies and then put it together with the pounds. If you are wanting an extra challenge, I wonder if you can work out the change with your subtraction skills too! Send me some pictures, I'd love to see :)

I also thought that we are in a perfect opportunity to keep a diary going, to collect all your feelings and thoughts and remember what we got up to whilst we all need to stay at home. Why don't you gather some paper together, make it into a book and design your front cover. We can then start writing in it on Monday.

How about going out to your garden today and have a good look at all the wildlife you can see. Mr Pillans would love to see a record of what sort of animals and plants you have around you.

Have a great day!



Good morning! Thank you for all your lovely pictures, I love seeing what you are all getting up to. Today we were due to go on our special trip to see the Lambs with the Chestnut class. We had lots of our English work leading up to this event so perhaps you could do an illustration of what we could get up to there when we do finally go and make an amazing memory together. 

I would also like you to choose one of our topic projects to start, the projects can be found on our website page.

How about you help to do something around the house today? Helping out mum and dad is soooo important and you're learning how to take care of yourselves when you're older. I'm going to wash the cars today, maybe you could clean the kitchen cupboard and organise the tins! Or you could bake some cakes together, or even try to tighten some loose screws you may have around.

To finish off, have a little go at a page of your handwriting in your pack.

Have a fabulous day!



Another beautiful day to enjoy outside! I have posted 3 videos onto our dojo page, reminding us of the key methods for solving additions, including those questions that cross over the boundary. Have a little look and try out some of the questions. Good luck! 



Good morning everyone! Another sunny day! I hope you are ready to join in with our exercise this morning, go on to Joe Wicks youtube page at it will be live at 9AM. I have my gym mat out and everything! For today, I have assigned you a new writing task on your MyOn account. I would love for you to read one of the books I have set on the 'Home Reading' project and then write a review about it on your writing project. I can't wait to see what you write throughout the day. If you need any help with it, just ask :) Could you also have a go at counting in your 2, 5 and 10 times table as you go up and down the stairs?



Good Morning everyone! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this lovely sunshine. I've heard lots of children are making rainbow pictures so I thought today you can use any media to make your own and send to me. I will pop them together and then put it as our new class cover photo on our website. Feel free to do any bit from the pack, maybe a nice bit of handwriting will be a good Monday activity too 😊😊 speak to you tomorrow 💖

Welcome to Class 3, Year 2 - The Rowans!

We have 17 children in our class.


Our class teacher is Miss Rayiru.


Our 1:1 teaching assistant is Mrs Lound.


This term our topic is: 'Wild Things' 

We will base our topic around the book 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. We will look at the geography of wild creatures and plants within the UK and surrounding continents. We will use our art skills to design, create and evaluate our very own wild thing crown. We will also be using our music skills to make our very own 'rumpus' around the school. 

Mr Pillans will be looking at animals in his Science lessons this term, completing lots of fun experiments with the children! 


It is our term with JB sports! On Monday's we will have our own session with a JB sports coach all about balance. 


Here is a link to gain access to lots of different learning opportunities that the children also have access to within school. 



Suggested Website Links to keep you busy!

This term's topic projects

Spelling Activity Suggestions

Can you help us get the most 5 pence coins?

Can you help us get the most 5 pence coins? 1

Can you follow instructions?

Can you follow instructions? 1

Sleepover Day! What a treat!

Sleepover Day! What a treat! 1

Our 'Big Write' Sessions

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The children love to listen to our relaxing music whilst the flickering candles help us to concentrate during our Big Write sessions.

A little insight into our adventures...

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A little insight into our adventures... 2 Thinking about how a character feels.
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