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Stay Positive!

Welcome to Year 2 - The Rowans!

We have 17 children in our class.


Our class teacher is Miss Rayiru.


Our 1:1 teaching assistant is Mrs Lound.


This term our topic is: 'Who is the Lady of the Lamp?' 


Take a look at our daily home learning activities. Every day I will post some suggestions to keep our learning going whilst we are in very unfamiliar territory. There is lots to keep busy with, letting our brains to keep on ticking and our learning to keep on growing. Keep sending me your messages and pictures over our dojo page! I love talking to you and seeing what you get up to. Hope to be back together soon, Miss Rayiru xx


Links to online opporuntities 



Daily Dojo Messages and Tasks





Happy Friday everyone! You've made it another whole week and only one more to go. I am so proud of how far you have come during this time, you have all been amazing.

How did your stories go? Today is the perfect chance to take a look and see what you can purple polish. It would be lovely to add some illustrations too :)

Have a go at some of the maths challenges today!

Spellings for today are:

(and your last for year 2)


Have a wonderful day and an even better weekend :)




Good morning! How is your story going? Spend today writing some more :) If you would like any guidance, send me what you have already done so I can help!

The maths today moves on to looking at quarter past and quarter to

I am so excited for our quiz later, I will send out the code ready for our meeting of 4.30!




Good morning! Half way through the week today :)

How did the re-telling of your story go yesterday? Did you remember it every time you told someone different? Use your pictures or story map you created yesterday to start writing your story. We will write it over two days and have some time to do some editing too :) I can't wait to see them!

The maths today is reminding us of our work on time, focusing on O'clock and half past

Please let me know who wants to be involved in our last zoom call with one another, we are going to speak and say some goodbyes, talk about what we are looking forward to and then do our quiz! I need to note who wants to be involved to send the correct disclaimer out that other classes have completed. I am aiming to have to zoom meeting on Thursday at half past 4 to ensure that all the children in the nest and everyone is back from work to join in! :)




Good morning!

How did your ideas go for finishing off the story from the story starter? If you need a refresh of how it started take a look here
Today I would like you to choose your favourite idea and begin to map out your key story. You could make a story map, write down key words, draw pictures and cut them out to order, any way that helps you to start to see your story come to life. After this, try to go and tell 3 people your story. The more you say it out loud the easier it will be to write tomorrow and I bet your vocabulary will increase every time you say it too :)

The maths today is looking at temperature!

We will have our last zoom call this week where we will have an end of year quiz! I want to include music and films and everything Rowans. If you have any bursting questions you want to include, write them down and send them to me so I can pop it on our quiz. I am planning to do it on Thursday at 4.30 but still need to double check this time and make sure Mrs Lound can join us too!

Have a fab day!





Good morning! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

How did you do in last week's spellings? Try practising the ones you found a little trickier again to see where you might have gone wrong.

Take a look at the story starter on our English powerpoint

Can you use this to start thinking about what could happen in your story. Have a little think with your family of all the ways you could finish off this story. Could you make a mind map of all your ideas? Think carefully of what the problem and solution of each idea could be!

The maths today looks at measuring in litres

Have a lovely day!




Suggested Website Links to keep you busy!

This term's topic projects

Spelling Activity Suggestions

Can you help us get the most 5 pence coins?

Can you follow instructions?

Sleepover Day! What a treat!

Our 'Big Write' Sessions

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The children love to listen to our relaxing music whilst the flickering candles help us to concentrate during our Big Write sessions.

A little insight into our adventures...

Celebrating Roald Dahl Day!
Thinking about how a character feels.
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