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Welcome toToyntonAll Saints Primary School


Toynton-All-Saints Preschool provision

We warmly welcome prospective parents and families to visit school to see what we have to offer. Please contact our office to have a look around and to meet the children and staff at school.


Our classes for 2020-21 are currently as follows:
Early Years Foundation Stage Class: Little Acorns: Pre-school (13) and Conkers: Reception (22) 
Class 2: Chestnuts – Years 1 = 30 children
Class 3: Rowans – Year 2 = 27 children

Class 4 Maples – Years 3 = 17 children
Class 5: Sycamores – Years 4 = 27 children

Class 6: Mighty Oaks - Years 5 (15) and 6 (15) = 30 children


We currently have the following spaces in our year groups for the 2020-21 academic year, however we are able to be flexible if the total number of children in a class is under 30.
Little Acorns:Pre-school (Please enquire for availability)
Conkers: Reception (0)
Chestnuts: Year 1 (0)
Rowans: Year 2 (0)
Maples: Year 3 (0)

Sycamores: Years 4 (3)
Mighty Oaks: Year 5 (0) and Year 6 (0)


Due to mixed age setting, we are able to expand our PAN, with our commitment being to ensure that class sizes will not exceed 30 children. Children can join our Pre-School setting, “Little Acorns” for their 15 hours funded entitlement, the term after they are 3 years old. We have a staggered intake in January and April. Come and visit us to see our fantastic provision and the fun and nurturing learning opportunities we have each day. We also offer extended sessions for Little Acorns on a fee paying basis. We have 30 places for 2 cohorts of Little Acorns children, for 30 hours, for those families who are eligible.


Please call the office for further details Please be advised that Lincolnshire County Council has set up an e-admissions procedure to assist parents and carers with school admissions.

Please follow the link below: