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Welcome toToyntonAll Saints Primary School

Collaborative Partnerships

Whilst being a Local Authority, community maintained primary school, with our own distinctiveness and unique ethos, at Toynton we strongly believe that the power of collaboration help us to raise outcomes for our children. We are part of the Kyra East Teaching School Alliance, which involves 23 other schools in East Lindsey. Through "outward facing" connections with professionals and children across these schools, this informal collaboration involves the following:


  • Professional forums where Teachers and leaders engagement in meetings, to build their subject expertise and leadership capacity, in the key priority areas of Maths, English, the Early Years Foundation Stage, SEND, Pupil Premium, Leadership and Governance, Science, Mental Health and Wellbeing and School Business Management.


  • Moderations of our children's work to validate our assessment judgements and to share best practice across the collaboration, enables our teachers to reach out to peers across the County. Teachers meet to share successes, teaching strategies and resources in order to support the learning of our collective children in particular age phases.


  • Pupil voice opportunities for our School Council members to visit Kyra Kids Council schools, in order that they can develop friendships in readiness for secondary school and so that they can "magpie" ideas from other schools to share back at Toynton. 


  • We have been part of the Kyra JOSO Programme (Junior Online Safety Officers)  where in collaboration with the Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (LSCP) we receive challenges from the Partnership to raise awareness in E-safety within our school.

We also collaborate with local primary schools, to enrich the first hand learning experiences of our collective children and to strive for excellence in the teaching and learning opportunities that they have. Our joint mission is to ensure “the success and achievement of the children.” Our work together has a big impact on both children and adults alike in school, as we build strong and enduring friendships.


Here are just a few of the activities that we enjoy together:


  • The annual Spilsby Music Festival, bringing together Choirs from local schools to sing and perform for the concert
  • Young Voices- a concert with schools from across the country
  • School Council Visits to each others' schools
  • Inter-sports competitions (as part of our partnership with JB Sports) in Netball, Athletics, Tag Rugby and Football