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Ofsted and Performance Data

Performance data:

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On 12th September 2017, just 1 week into the new school year we received a 1 day, no-notice Ofsted Inspection, which resulted in us maintaining our Ofsted Grade of “Good”. These are some of the comments made by Her Majesty’s Inspector, Mrs Helen Williams, in her report. For further information, click on the icon to read the full report.


“Pupils spoke enthusiastically about life at Toynton All Saints School, and demonstrated good manners and respect for each other and visitors.”

“You strive to provide pupils with a range of experiences to enhance their education beyond the classroom.”

“Parents are very positive about the school.”


“Staff are proud to be part of Toynton All Saints Primary School. They are passionate about providing the best opportunities they can for pupils.”

“You have effective systems in place that allow you to track the well-being and any concerns raised regarding individual pupils. The role of the pastoral support worker is vital in supporting vulnerable pupils.”


“You and other leaders have set challenging targets for pupils to achieve by the end of the academic year, and you regularly check pupils’ progress.”


“The Wild At Heart outdoor curriculum helps pupils to develop resilience, independence, creativity and problem-solving skills.”