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Lunch Menus

We are fortunate to have our very own School Kitchen run by our School Cook, Mrs Cragg, who prepares a delicious, hot lunch every day for the children. A main course and vegetarian option are available and Mrs Cragg uses locally sourced and home grown produce wherever possible. The cost for a main meal, pudding and a glass of milk is £2.20. Children can choose to have hot lunches or a packed lunch throughout the week. Orders for hot lunches for the following term should be handed in to the school office during the previous term.


There are 2 x 3 week menus which rotate during the term and are alternated every other term, to provide the children with an interesting variety and seasonable vegetables. All children from Reception age to Year 2 will receive Universal Free Lunches every day and we are required to follow the re-assessment procedure for all children to ensure that those eligible for Free School Meals, throughout the school years, receive their entitlement. The school office will be sending out forms for you to complete.


Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. Even if your child does not take up free school meals, it will benefit them as school then receives additional funding, which we can then use to maintain our small class sizes, provide additional teaching resources and learning enrichment opportunities, such as trips and residentials for the children at a subsidised cost to families. Please see our Pupil Premium Statement for details of how we are currently using this funding.

Dinner Menu Spring Terms 2021

Dinner Menu Summer Term 2021