ToyntonAll Saints Primary School


Welcome toToyntonAll Saints Primary School

School Council

At Toynton, pupil voice is key to ensuring that we provide a safe, nurturing and LISTENING school for our children. We have created several groups to represent 


School Council Members:

Year 6 Head Boy - Levi

Year 6 Head Girl - Sophie

Year 5 School Councillor - Chloe

Year 5 School Councillor - Josh

Year 4 School Councillor - Rhys

Year 3 School Councillor - Claudia

Year 2 School Councillor - Jessica

Year 2 School Councillor - Finley

Year 1 School Councillor - Olivia


Mini Police Members:

Tori, Josh, Jayden, Melissa, Charlie


SNAG (School Nutrician Action Group) Heathly Eating Champions:

Chloe, Summer, Melissa, Levi B, Gracie


Junior Online Safety Officers:

Gabriel, Gracie, Jaydan


Anti-Bullying Workshop Champions: