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Home Learning - week beginning 15.6.20


Hello Chestnuts!

I cannot believe it is Friday already! I hope you have all had a lovely week, I know the weather hasn't been so good but it is supposed to brighten up this weekend, so have your fingers crossed.


Your Maths learning today is about comparing numbers within 50 and here is the link for the video 74  . I have also attached a worksheet that can be used after watching the video, if you would like. 


In our topic work, today I would like you to think about shades and tints have a look at the lesson link and maybe you could create your own elephant or another monster.  There was also an idea for writing a diary entry, so take a look at our weekly learning page.


***Also don't forget to sign up to Google Classrooms, if you have any questions I  can help via Dojo.***


Have a good day!

Miss Gray


Hello Chestnuts!

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday and enjoyed the new story video of Elmer and the ideas Mr Pillans shared with you.


Today's maths learning is about 'comparing objects within 50' here is the video link for you to access the lesson The worksheet that links has been added below and again the second page is the suitable page for our class.


Today's topic learning looks at writing a book reviews of the story you watched yesterday, creating patterns and how to make a terrarium. Further details of these are in the weekly learning document shared on Monday and in the Google Drive (the link is on that document too). 


Have a great day and keep being great!

Miss Gray


Hello everyone! 

I hope that you all had a lovely day yesterday and that you are enjoying the sunshine now that it has made a return. :)


Today's learning for RWI is detailed on the learning grid for you. The hold a sentence videos look really good and I have seen how brilliant some of you are at including the capital letters and full stops, well done. 


Maths today is looking at 'one more and one less'. Here is the link to the video and I have included the worksheet too. Please do not feel that you have to do all the pages. The second page is suitable for the children and if they would like a challenge they could have a look at the third sheet. 


In your topic learning, we are looking at a new story today...Elmer. I love this colourful story and I hope you all do too. The story talks about the word unique and I have included a sheet for you to record your sentences about how you are unique. I have also added the experiments that Mr Pillans has put together for you. 


Have a lovely day!

Miss Gray



Happy Tuesday Chestnuts!

I hope you enjoyed the story from yesterday. It was lovely to see your monsters, if you haven't sent a picture of yours yet do not worry.


It appears that the RWI schedule I was sent is not the same as the videos that they are posting as yesterday they posted 'Read longer words - oo' not 'ire' but not to worry. Let's see what they post for us today :)


Today's maths video can be found on the link that I post with the worksheet. Today you are looking at 10s and 1s which I know you were getting really good at before we finished.


For your topic learning today, have a think about the sentences in the story, can you write some with the correct punctuation (you many need to watch the video again). There is also a task linked to creating your own 'Not now...' book. I would love to see the creative ideas you come up with. Finally, there are some suggestions for craft activities linked to 30 Days Wild. I will post some ideas on here too.


I look forward to seeing your fabulous contributions.

Miss Gray



Welcome to a new week Chestnuts!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the lovely weather on Saturday. It is lovely to see so many of you taking part in the 30 Days Wild activities with your families. Keep sending them in. 


This week, we will be looking at a couple of books written by the author David McKee. I am sure you have heard and read these stories before, but they are so lovely it would be a shame to not share them some more. 


This week, is the week that the new RWI 'Hold a sentence' videos are available (I finally have it right...oopps). Have a look at the new schedule and the videos that are recommended for you to watch - if you cannot remember which videos you need to watch I can help. 


Maths this week is a little different as we have already looked at the videos for this week, so we are doing the alternative videos. I have added the links for each day onto the weekly plan and will add them to these messages also, to help make it easier. I will also continue to add the worksheets to these messages if you would like to use them too. 


One of your tasks today is creating a monster using primary and secondary colours.  I cannot wait to see your monster designs. 


Check out this week's Google Drive for ideas, video links and templates to help you with your learning this week. 


Have a great day... Miss Gray

Home Learning - week beginning 8.6.20


Happy Friday Chestnuts.


You have been doing fabulously with your measuring learning. I wonder if you can put that to use in the kitchen and around your home?


Yesterday, you started to think about how important trees are in our lives and where we find them around the home. I wonder if you can find out about different types of trees. 


Be wonderful and amazing!

Miss Gray


Happy Thursday everyone!


Keep being fabulous with your phonics...I wonder if you can apply this learning to your reading when you share books with your families.


In maths we are looking at counting in 2s today. I know we looked at this at the beginning of school closing but extra practice is always good! There are 2 sheets to look at today, with the second set have a look at pages 2 and 3 to make your brain really stretch and think about what it is we know about counting in 2s.  Wow me with your knowledge and understanding of counting in 2s. 


For your topic learning, is focused around trees. In the story we have been reading it talks a lot how tress are important for us. Have a think about why and learn some facts about different trees - I have added some documents to help you in our Google Drive. Keep an eye out for the handwriting videos I will post them later today (had some technical issues...oops).


I cannot wait to see what you learn about trees and keep sending your photos for the newsletter.


Miss Gray



Well it is Wednesday already... can you believe it. 


Keep practising your phonics, you are all doing a fab job with the new videos that are being shared.


In maths you are finishing your learning about capacity today. I wonder if you can tell your adult what you are measuring if you are measuring capacity? I have uploaded the new sheet you need for this, if you want to print it off. 


In your theme learning today, I would like you to think about a 'Wanted poster'. We have seen these before but know you can write some fabulous sentences on your own ones. I would love to see what you create and if any really catch my eye you may see them on the website!  I have also given you a french task and ideas for our 30 Days Wild. Take a look at the Google Drive link I shared in the weekly learning grid, for ideas and activities to try. 


Keep being amazing Chestnuts!


Miss Gray


Happy Tuesday Chestnuts!


I hope you enjoyed our story yesterday and recognised the story that it was similar to. 


I made a slight error yesterday and got my weeks confused...oopps. 'The Read and Hold a Sentence' videos do not start until next week, so sorry if you were trying to find them. 


In maths, we are continuing to learn about how we measure and move onto look at capacity today. I wonder if you could look at the containers you have at home that hold liquid, can you compare them using the language 'full, half full, empty' and 'more, less and equal'?


Today's theme activities have you thinking about the story 'Little Red Riding Hood'. If you haven't read the story for a while, it may be worth reminding yourself of the story. It also looks at being are you keeping active at home? I would love to see some pictures of you all being active so that I can create a Pic Collage to share in the newsletter. 


Have a lovely day,

Miss Gray 


Morning Chestnuts!


This week we will be looking at the story 'The Last Wolf'. It is a lovely story and I think you will recognise a well-known story when you read it. 


On this week's learning grid you will notice that your phonics now has another video for 'Hold a Sentence'. Your adult can support you with this video and the skills you will practice are great for helping your writing. 


I have included your maths worksheet for today and I have uploaded lots of ideas for the 30 Days Wild activities in this week's Google Drive.


Mr Pillans has set a bird spotting challenge for you, which looks like lots of fun. Take a look at the document I have added with all the details. 


If you have any questions, please contact me on Dojo.


I look forward to seeing what you get up to.


Miss Gray

Home Learning- week beginning 1.6.20


Hello Chestnuts! 

Can you believe that it is Friday already?! You have all been working hard learning about zoo animals and creating your own flap books. 


Today's learning includes your RWI videos and continuing your learning in maths about measuring mass, I have included the sheet for this lesson for you.


In this week's Google Drive I have added some handwriting sheets, as requested by some parents. I have included the handwriting lines that you can print (use page 2) to support the children in being able to size their letters accurately. There is also a photo showing where the letters sit on those lines, if you need it. 


There are also a  30 Days Wild bingo activity. I mentioned earlier in the week that June is the Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild month. I wonder what you can cross off your bingo sheet?


Have a lovely Friday everyone and I look forward to seeing what you get up to today. 

Miss Gray


Hello everyone!
I loved seeing the bridges that some of you created yesterday, they looked very strong and sturdy - well done!

Continue with your RWI videos to help with your reading and spelling.

In maths today you will move onto leaning about weight and mass, I have attached the sheet if you would like to use it.

For your theme tasks today you have some tasks that have some ideas which can be seen in the following Google Drive folder .

I have sent a message regarding phone calls, if you have a preference on times then please let me know.

Talk to you soon,
Miss Gray


Morning everyone!
I hope you enjoyed looking at the animals at Chester Zoo yesterday, if you haven't had a chance yet don't worry there is still time.

In maths today you are looking at measuring again and have some problems to have a go at today. There are 2 sheets and I have added them here and in the next post.

I am waiting for Mr Pillan's science activity for today, but why not keep your weather diary up to date. You could also think about why we have changed the clothing we are wearing over the past couple of weeks and how it is light in the evenings when you go to bed.

You also have a challenge to create a bridge today... I cannot wait to see what you use to create your bridges.

Take care,
Miss Gray


Morning Chestnuts!
I hope you enjoyed the story that our week is based around.

I had a look at the new RWI videos and they look good, I hope that you enjoy watching the new Red Word videos to help you with your reading fluency.

In Maths today, you may not want to do the sheet. You may wish to measure items around your home using non-standard units such as: pasta, Lego pieces, cars etc. I wonder what you can find to measure objects around your home...

Take a look at the Chester Zoo link, I would love to know which animals you get to see on their virtual tour.

I look forward to seeing what you get up to today!


Morning everyone!

Can you believe it is June already?! When did that happen, it has gone so quickly! I hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sunshine.

As you are aware the adults are back in school this week organising and arranging things for the safe return of some of our children next week. I am looking forward to being able to share what the classroom will look like with you all.

I will post the resources for learning each day for you as I have before, I have also created a folder online with lots of ideas linked to this week which can be accessed here: .

The difference will be that I will be checking Dojo in the afternoons and not throughout the day. I will return all messages and look at pictures and videos sent to me…please continue to send them as I really enjoy seeing the children.

This week’s theme is linked to the well-loved story ‘Dear Zoo’, which I am sure you have all read before. The aim of the week is to create your own version of the story book ‘Dear Zoo’, complete with flaps.

The children’s phonics learning will be slightly different this week as RWI have developed what they are offering. There are further details in the home learning sheet. If you have any questions, please send them to me and I will do my best to help.

I have attached the maths sheet for you today’s lesson on comparing length and height. Although you may just want to look at items around the home and use the vocabulary ‘taller/shorter and longer/shorter’.

Sorry for the long Monday morning message.

Home Learning - week beginning 18.5.20


Morning Chestnuts!
We have made it to the end of another week. Thank you so much for all of your fabulous pictures, I will share the collage of them all later.

You are doing really well with your phonics learning, keep it up!!

In maths today, you are looking at compare number sentences. The symbols you will be using may look a little different to what you have seen before.
*Think about how the larger opening is nearer the larger number and the pointy end being near the smaller number.*

Keep sending your photos and videos.

Miss Gray


Morning Chestnuts!
I hope you all enjoyed the lovely sunshine yesterday! It is lovely seeing the things you enjoy doing at home, if you would like them to be part of our newsletter please send then by 5pm this evening.

Today's maths learning is about addition and subtraction problems. I have included the work for today, it looks a little different but you will still be fabulous at answering the questions.

Here is the link for the programming and games lesson I mentioned:

I look forward to seeing your stories when you have written them too...although you maybe keeping them to yourselves until you have completed the pictures. :)

Enjoy your day!


Hello Chestnuts!
I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and the time outside. The sun has certainly made me smile!

Mr Pillans' science learning today is to take part in the online lesson here:

He also has an optional task for you, if you would like. I have included it here.

The English lesson I refer to on the weekly grid can be accessed here:

It would be lovely to see what you enjoy doing at home, so please share photos and videos and I will compile a photo collage to share. I will even ask Mr Pillans, Miss Stevenson and Mrs Alexander to share theirs too.


Morning Chestnuts!
What a shame that the rain has come today, although my poor plants in the garden needed a drink. Hopefully the sun will come out later.

Maths is slightly changing from today. The videos are still accessible on the White Rose page that you have been using, however you may notice that the worksheets have now gone. I have downloaded the worksheets from the BBC Bitesize website for you to make it easier and so you don't have to keep going back and forth. You will notice that on the home learning sheet I have included links to the BBC Bitesize page just in case you or your child would like to explore further. Please do not feel that you have to. If you just watch the video and complete the activities in the video that is perfect. The worksheets and links are if you wish to use them.
If you have any questions about maths, please send me a message.

In the topic learning today, i mention creating your own giant jam sandwich. I know that you are all VERY creative and will have much better ideas than me but I have shared a way in the next post for an idea.

I have also suggested an activity of writing instructions. You are really good at writing instructions, so wow your parents. Remember: capital letters, full stops, titles, bullet points, numbers for steps and those bossy (imperative) verbs.

Any questions please message me and I will do my best to help.

Miss Gray


Morning Chestnuts!

I hope you enjoyed the sunny weather over the weekend! I certainly did.

This week's learning fits with the Newsletter's theme of National Sandwich Week. We will be looking at one of my favourite stories 'The Giant Jam Sandwich'.

I have included this week's learning to this post and I hope you find lots of things you enjoy doing. I will add a maths video (hopefully before lunchtime) and any other resources you may need.

I look forward to seeing your pictures and videos again this week.

Home Learning Week Beginning 11.5.20


Hello everyone!
I cannot believe that we have reached Thursday already! I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Today's learning:
- Phonics with RWI. Also don't forget to read some books as well. You may have books at home or you can use Oxford Owl to read books too.

- Maths is continuing your fact families learning. I have attached the worksheet for those who need it.

- In your topic work today, you can write a poem, use your compass from last week and create an underwater world. You may be able to use some of your creations from this week if you choose to make your underwater creation.

I look forward to seeing your pictures and videos. If you would like them to appear in the Newsletter please send them to me before 4pm today.

Miss Gray


Good Morning!

I hope you are all enjoying the tasks that I have suggested for you, I have loved seeing your Rainbow Fish creations, some of you have been very creative, today there are some more Rainbow Fish ideas for you.

Today's maths moves onto looking at fact families. We have looked at this before but I would like to refresh your memories. Today starts with number bonds to 20, remember that we use our 10 and ___ more to help us and you are all really good at looking at 10s frames and spotting the numbers without having to count all the counters.

With it being Wednesday it is our Science day too. Here is the link for today's lesson about rainfall:

Mr Pillans has also set a challenge for you:
Rainfall is a type of precipitation. This is a big word but it is the name we give to any form of water falling from clouds. As an extension activity, I would like you to find out and make a list of all the different types of precipitation that exist. Think about the effect of hot and cold as this will help you.

I look forward to seeing your pictures and videos. :)



Well I am happy that the sun has come out again today...I was missing it. It must have something to do with all of your bright and colourful Rainbow fish. If you haven't made yours yet... do not worry there is still time to share it with me.

Keep working hard with your phonics and don't forget you can log into Oxford Owl to read books too. Login details can be found on Dojo. 

In Maths you will be problem solving with your learning. I have attached the worksheet in case you need it.

I look forward to seeing what you choose as your theme activities today. :)

Keep smiling Chestnuts!


Hello Chestnuts!
I hope you made the most of the nice weather on Friday and Saturday, I am hoping the sun continues to stay out today.

I have attached this week’s learning to this post, and you may notice that it has changed slightly. I am aware that some of you are finding it a little strange to be doing work at home and thought we would change things a little this week to see if this helps. Parents, please let me know how this week works for you and your child so that I can continue to help and support both you and the children while at home.

I have included 3 or 4 topic-based task ideas that you can choose from. Please do not feel that you must complete them all, they are there as ideas for you, and if you and you child think of something else to do instead, that is fine.

I look forward to seeing what you choose to get up to this week and I love seeing your smiley faces in your videos and photos.

Home Learning Week Beginning 4.5.20


Hello Chestnuts!
Thank you so much for all your contributions to our 'half hunt'. Look out in the newsletter today for your photos.

Today is the last day I will setting work this week, with tomorrow being a bank holiday. There was a task for tomorrow that linked to the special day itself that you may wish to have a go at, but it is up to you.

So for today;
- If you haven't written a letter to some one yet give it a go.

- Begin learning about quarters in maths, I wonder if you notice anything about quarters related to your learning about halves,

- Take a look at the BBC Bitesize lesson for coding. It looked like lots of fun.

Enjoy the sunshine!


Happy Wednesday Chestnuts!


I had a few pictures of halves that you could find around your home, it would be lovely to see more too.


In English your job is to write your letter using your checklist that you wrote yesterday.


In Maths, you are continuing to look at halves.


Mr Pillans has prepared your science learning, here is the link for the online lesson:


He has also set you a little challenge to look at the different trees around you and try to identify them and let him know what trees you find.


I look forward to seeing what you get up to!



Morning Chestnuts!
Thank you for your lovely pictures yesterday. It is a bit strange being back in school this week without all of you. I will share some photos of what we have been up to too.

Today's learning is continuing to think about letters, beginning to think about fractions in maths and learning about the compass.

Challenge today is to see how many examples of a half you can find around your home - food is a good way to help. When you send me your pictures I will create a collage of them all. The most unusual will receive Dojo points and a special mention in this week's newsletter.

Looking forward to seeing your pictures, videos and messages today Chestnuts!
Miss Gray


Morning Chestnuts!
It is May! Can you believe that we have reached the fifth month of the year already!

This week will be a little different as I am working in school. I will continue to look at Dojo every day but may not reply as promptly as in the past weeks due to this.

I have attached the weeks learning for you and will continue to upload the other bits you need daily as before too, it will just be earlier in the day or the night before. The theme for the week in English is linked to the special day on Friday which is VE Day.

As an added challenge this week I would like you to find out as much as you can about this special day and share with me what you find.

Have a fabulous day and I will continue to check in on your messages and portfolios to see what you are up to.

Miss Gray

Home Learning 1.5.20

Wow can you believe it is Friday already!

It was so lovely to see so many of you yesterday and talk with you on our video call. I will arrange another one of these soon, in smaller groups so that it makes it easier for you to talk to each other. If you weren’t able to join but would like to next time just let me know and I can arrange it for you.

Today’s learning is bringing all your work in English together, continuing the maths and a music lesson.

Here is the link for the Music lesson:

Key worker thank you: keep sending your 'thank you' cards and pictures to me and I will make a pic collage to share them all with you.

Please remember that these are only suggestions and it is lovely when the children do them but if your child does other learning opportunities, that is absolutely fine. Your child’s happiness and safety is paramount during these strange times.

I cannot wait to see what you are up to today…. make me proud Chestnuts!

Home Learning 30.4.20

Morning Chestnuts,

It appears there was a blip with the grid and the one that was sent out had today’s learning missing…oops.

Here is the link for the English lesson today on BBC Bitesize.

Topic: I would like you to think about the human and physical geography around you. Human geography is features that have been created by humans like buildings, lamp posts and roads. Physical geography is where things naturally appear in the environment such as hills and rivers.

Go on a walk (if the weather is nice) or think about the area around your home and make a list of the human and physical geography you see or can think about.

I have included some word mats to help you think.

Also looking forward to seeing you on our Zoom call at 1pm.

Home Learning 29.4.20

Morning Chestnuts!

We have reached the middle of our week and I am so proud of the work that you are sending me and I love seeing what else you have been up to too.

Today you are going to be practicing your writing, like we do in the classroom, using your story maps from yesterday.

Also Mr Pillans has a Science lesson for you.

I look forward to seeing what you get up to today...keep the pictures and videos coming.

My challenge for you today is to create something to say 'Thank you' to all of our NHS staff. This could be a colourful picture, a card, a poem or a story for them to read. I would love to see what you create.

Home Learning 28.4.20

Terrific Tuesday is upon us Chestnuts!
I am really really impressed with all of the maths that you are doing and love seeing you use your toys to make the equal groups. Keep up the amazing work!

Today's RWI lessons involve the sounds 'oo' and 'ea'. I have an extra little task for you today... can you find any words from around your home that contain those sounds? If you can, share them with me and I will add them to our sound book. Remember to try and join those special friends together... I will post a video modelling how to do this shortly, have a look on Dojo for the video. 

In Maths, you are adding equal groups, I think you will all be fabulous at this!

I have attached the Powerpoint for the Topic work on Toys. I cannot wait to see what you all find out!

I look forward to seeing your pictures and videos today :)

Home Learning 27.4.20

Morning Chestnuts, I hope you all had a lovely weekend and made the most of the beautiful weather in your gardens or on your daily walks.


I have a new week of learning for you, I have attached the grid. It was lovely to see all of your work last week and I look forward to seeing it again this week.

Don't forget if you would like a few more bits to do you can go onto NumBots to practice your maths and build your robots. Also there is Oxford Owl and Book Trust where you can read books too.

As always, I am here to answer any questions or queries you may have of just to talk to. If you or your child would like a phone call, just let me know.

Home Learning 22.4.20

Can you believe it is Wednesday already... I can't.
Thank you for your lovely toy drawings yesterday, videos and messages. It is lovely to see you all!

I have made a table with all the learning for the week to make it easier. Please do not feel overwhelmed by the look of it, it is no more than has been set so far and you do not have to complete everything it can be done as a when you feel your child is ready.

I will still be checking in and sending a daily message to see how you are all getting on. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will be happy to help. :)

Home Learning 21.4.20

Happy Tuesday Chestnuts!

It was lovely to see some of your predictions for the book, keep sending them if you have made them.

Learning for today:

- Watch the RWI lesson for your group today. Set 2 goes live at 10am and Set 3 at 10:30am. Have a look at the spelling session for your group too, you can wow your families with your use of Fred Fingers to help you spell.
- English – Here is a link for you to watch the story I introduced yesterday. Here is the link: Listen to the story and ask your parents about any vocabulary that you are unsure of, you could re-read the sentence to help you understand what the word means in this context.
- Maths – Did you enjoy the counting in 2s lesson I shared with you yesterday? Today I would like you to look at the next lesson where you apply your counting skills. Here is the link you will need:
- Topic – as I mentioned yesterday our new topic is Toys. I would like you to look at your toys.
Which one is your favourite?
Why do you like this toy?
Think about the things you do with this toy?
Who do you play with when you play with this toy?

When you have thought about your favourite toy, I would like you to draw me a picture of the toy, looking carefully at all of the different parts and then write your sentences answering the questions or anything else you want to tell me about your toy. You could even get your adult to video you reading your information to me like you are sharing it with the class (you can send this through Portfolios on Dojo or using the class email:

I look forward to seeing what you get up to today, it is lovely to see you.

Miss Gray

Home Learning 20.4.20

Morning Chestnuts!

Well this is a different start to the Summer Term, I hope that the Easter Bunny managed to still deliver some yummy treats to you all, I was lucky and received an egg treat left on my door step. :) I am so glad that the sunshine has come back!

This term our topic is TOYS so some of our tasks will be linked to this throughout the next couple of weeks.

Phonics - Please continue to watch the RWI lessons each day. This will support your continued reading and spelling learning. Once you have watched the video try to find words around your home that contain the sound you learnt. If you were in Miss Stevenson's or Mrs Alexander's group use Set 2 and if you were in my group or Miss Seal's group use Set 3.
The lessons go live at the following times each day, but can be seen at anytime throughout the day: Set 2 10am and Set 3 10:30am

English - We are going to be reading a new book and doing tasks linked to it. Can you look carefully at the front cover and think about what the book may be about, let me know what you think it may be about and I will create a word cloud of all our ideas.

Maths – Before half term I asked you to think about counting in 2s. There is a video lesson that you can watch to help you learn about counting in 2s and get really good at counting forwards and backwards. You can access the video here:
You won’t need to print anything for this lesson. Just watch, take part and enjoy the tasks you are asked to have a go at.

PE - I was thinking about running and I wondered how long you could all jog on the spot for…I wonder if you can try it again and do it for longer? Can you do it longer than someone in your house?

It was lovely to see what you have got up to over the Easter Holidays, keep sending your pictures to me. If you aren’t able to send things through Class Dojo you can send them using our new class email:

I look forward to seeing what you get up to…

Home Learning Resources - Week beginning 27.4.20

Home Learning 3.4.20

Good Morning Chestnuts!


Well today marks the first day of your Easter Holidays! 


I will not be setting daily tasks throughout the holidays but I have created a grid with 12 ideas of fun things you could try, if you want to. These include learning new skills, languages and making things, I think I will try a few too!


Please continue to send me your lovely pictures and videos showing me what you get up to, it is so lovely to see your smiley faces! :) I will be checking Dojo once a day so will comment and reply then, so don't worry...I will not miss a thing. 


Keep being wonderful, curious, inquisitive and most of all YOU! 


I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you have a lovely Easter.

Miss Gray

Easter Project

Home Learning 2.4.20


I think the sun saw your fabulous sun creations yesterday as it has come back today, yipee! :)


I have three tasks for you today....

1. If you haven't watched the video of the poem I read yesterday, take a look (it is on the Class Story on Dojo). Can you write me a little poem? Can you include words that rhyme (sound the same) in your poem?


2. Our R this term is Risk Taking. Can you share with me some examples of you taking safe risks while at home? I will add the pictures you send to a pic collage and put it in this week's newsletter. 


3. Following the maths game I shared with you on Tuesday. Have a go at creating your own counting game involving some cards that you may have at home. I can then share with other families for them to try at home too! 


Keep smiling and keeping safe at home. I am really enjoying seeing all of your lovely pictures and videos. 

Keep them coming!


Miss Gray

Home Learning 1.4.20

Morning Chestnuts!


Well I don't know about where you are but the sun has decided to hide today. :( Therefore I have 2 tasks for you:


1. Can you create a sunshine to brighten up the day? This can be out of anything you have at as creative as you can. I will have a go too and share it with you later.


2. As it is Wednesday, we would usually have Science with Mr Pillans. He has asked you to investigate how the seasons are changing. I have included his work below and you can also access it from the class web page (


Keep being fabulous and sending me the work you do at home as I love to see your smiley faces. 
*Remember there is NumBots, Oxford Owl and RWI lessons to keep you going with Maths and Reading.*

Science Learning 1.4.20

Home Learning 31.3.20

Morning Chestnuts!

I was made very hungry yesterday by all of your sandwich designs. Some fantastic labelling and drawing was seen.

Today I have 2 tasks for you:

1. If you haven't already, check out the Read Write Inc daily sound lesson. You can wow your families by showing how you can use the sound in words too.

2. Watch this clip of 'Bubbles' (if you were in school in the last week you have already watched this but watch again to refresh your mind).

When you have watched it...imagine you are on a beach. What do you feel, see, hear and smell? Write some descriptive sentences using exciting adjectives to help you. Remember every sentence starts with a capital letter, has finger spaces and ends with a piece of punctuation (. ? !).

E.g. Huge waves crash against the hard grey rocks.

Home Learning 30.3.20

Well Good Morning Chestnuts!

It is a little wetter than last week unfortunately.

During our topic lessons and linked to the story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' we were going to be designing and making healthy sandwiches for Mr Grinling.

So my challenge for you is:
- Draw a sandwich design that would be healthy for Mrs Grinling to send in the basket to the lighthouse. So that I know what is in your sandwich, labels would be really helpful.

- After you have designed your sandwich, you could make it. Pretend you are Mr Grinling and give your sandwich a mark out of 5.

I am going to be doing the same I will post you my design and sandwich later (I think I will make it for my lunch today :) )

Don't forget to keep reading...I started a new book yesterday and am struggling to put it down.

I look forward to seeing your designs and the other amazing things you get up to at home.

Miss Gray

Home Learning 27.3.20

Hello Chestnuts!

Wow it is the end of the first week already…I hope you have all been enjoying the sun, enjoying the daily tasks and spending lots of time with your family at home. I have loved seeing the different ways you counted in 2s, someone managed to count all the way to 50… well done!


  • Joe Wicks PE lesson. I have been taking part with this while in school this week and have really enjoyed it. My favourite exercise is the jumpy claps –what is yours?
  • Daily RWI phonics lesson – children in Miss Stevenson and Mrs Alexander group need the Set 2 lesson and children in Miss Seal’s and my group need the Set 3 lesson.
  • Continue to count in 2s with objects around your home.


  • We had started learning about the seaside, your main task today is:

Investigate a seaside location in England and find out if it has any of the following features: a pier, a lighthouse, cliffs, a sandy or pebble beach, rock pools or a harbour. Share this with me in any way you wish. I look forward to finding out about different locations around the coast. If you are able to locate the location on a map, you will earn some bonus Dojo points.


Enjoy your day and  I look forward to seeing what you send me. J

Home Learning 26.3.20

Morning all!

I have loved seeing your pictures that you have sent in and your smiley faces. :) If you would like your rainbow to be part of our collage please make sure you have sent it today so I can add it to the newsletter too.

Learning for today:
- Have a go at logging on to the following link where you will find a RWI (Read Write Inc.) sound lesson.
You can wow your families with your knowledge. These lessons are available fro 24 hours and change daily so keep checking back for new sounds.

- Can you practice counting in 2s today? Socks are a great way to help. You could count in 2s as you go up and down the stairs, or along your path in the garden. Let me know how you practice your counting.

Continue to keep your diary and enjoy the sunshine.

I look forward to seeing what you all send me today :)

Home Learning 25.3.2020

Morning everyone!

It was lovely to see your rainbows and flower pictures yesterday. If you haven't sent me a photo of your rainbow yet, please do (also let me know if you are happy for them to be shared on a class collage on the website).

Learning for today:

- If you haven't already, start a diary of the things you get up to. You could draw pictures in your diary too to show what you have been up to.
It would be lovely to see some pages from your diary too.

- Our spelling sound this week is 'er'. I have attached the page that would have been sent home. Can you have a go at the activities and see if you can find any words that contain that sound to add to our spelling book? Send your words to me and I will add them to the book and show you which words we collected.

- I hope you all had fun with Joe Wicks this morning, I really enjoyed his bunny jumps and Spiderman lunges!

I look forward to seeing your pictures and comments today.

Miss Gray :)



Chestnuts Home Learning 24.3.20

Morning everyone, it was lovely to see some of your rainbows. It would be lovely to see the rest of your rainbow creations to brighten up our days.

Which flowers can you find in your garden (don't pick them though unless your adults ask you to)? Can you see any flowers through your windows? Do you know the names of any of those flowers? You can share these with me via a photo, a drawing, a painting or a model. I cannot wait to see how creative you are.

Don't forget:
Screentime activities available:
- NumBots is available for the pupils (logins have been sent home and I will be sending the remaining logins today). 
- Classroom Secrets is available online (logins sent via messages).
- Oxford Owl is available for sharing books with your child and for your child to read on their own (login details in the packs sent home).
- is available for children to explore and learn how to code (login details can be found in the packs sent home).

Non-screentime activities available:
- Create a rainbow for your window and share them with Miss Gray on Dojo
- The packs sent home (choose a phonics and maths task a day)
- The flower task set today (Tuesday 24th March).
- Being active (Joe Wicks, creating own PE sessions, playing in the garden).

Please continue to share your activities at home as I love to see them. :) :) :)