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Coronavirus update March 13th 2020

Social distancing is not currently being pushed by the government, however it is increasingly being encouraged by employers across the country. Our advice on how you manage trips in the UK, visitors to the school and staff training is the same as previously. You need to do a risk assessment on a case by case basis but now take into effect that the virus is more widespread than the number of confirmed cases may imply.


The advice to people with symptoms has changed. People with symptoms do not need to ring NHS111 but should follow the advice on the website:

You may want to share this information with staff and parents, as well as the Stay at Home guidance that has been issued:


The guidance on self-isolation has also changed. If a person has come into direct contact with a tested and confirmed case of coronavirus then they should self-isolate for 14 days even if they do not have symptoms. However, if a person develops symptoms the self-isolation period is 7 days. The reason is that there is an incubation period before symptoms present which is covered in the first scenario and not needed for the second.