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Little Acorns

Welcome to Little Acorns Nursery


Our environment offers play-based activities and experiences, providing

excitement and challenge appropriate to children from 3 years+ across

the breadth of the Foundation Stage Curriculum. 


We use Tapestry (a secure online learning journal) to record photos,

observations and comments, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum,

which build up a record of your child's experiences during their time with us.

We would really appreciate it if you could also upload your own 

observations, photos and videos to enable us to create an even

greater picture of your child's development.


Our EYFS Lead is Miss Gray.


Our Lead Key Worker is Mrs Rymer.

Our Key Worker is Miss Hodgson.


We hope that you enjoy finding out what we have been getting up to!

Our topic this term is: Frozen.


Firework artwork, our own twirly sparklers and keeping warm next to the Little Acorns bonfire.




Friday 17thJuly.


Good morning Little Acorns,


It is here, the last day of term and the school year.  How very strange this year has been, especially the last few months.   Well done everyone for taking part and adapting so well with the online provision.


Miss Hodgson, Miss Marriott and myself would normally be giving you a hug and wishing you well today, but sadly this year we cannot. 


So instead, please take a look at the link below or cut and paste it into your browser...


Wishing you all well,


Mrs Rymer, Miss Hodgson


          Miss Marriott.











Thursday 16thJuly.


Morning Acorns,


How did you get on drawing your ‘teacher’ yesterday?   Did you remember the colour of their hair, or if they wear glasses?   I do hope you gave them a great big smile!

I wonder, today could you tell someone what you are looking forward to when you start in your new class?  Is there something that you are worried about?   Shall I tell you something? I get very excited when my new children start but I also get butterflies in my tummy. I think “what if the children don’t like me?”    So I speak to Mr Rymer and Miss Hodgson and they always tell me that it will be fine and that we can sort any worries out together.  So, these feelings are all natural and lots boys and girls get them when they start school, just remember the story of ‘Jellybean’.



Mrs Rymer.heart





Wednesday 15th July.


Morning Little Acorns,


Did you enjoy the story of ‘Jellybean’ going to school?  I know the ‘Conkers’ did, as they watched it too!


Today I would like you to think about your new teacher, could you draw a picture of them?  Try and remember what colour hair they have. Do they wear glasses? Have they got long or short hair?  If you haven’t met them yet, draw what you think they might look like.


I would love to see them once you have finished so please ask your grown up to send in a photo of the drawing.


Mrs Rymer.smiley





Tuesday 14th July.


Good morning Acorns,


Did you take part with Jamie yesterday? If so, did it help?  I feel really relaxed and ready for today’s activity.


I have found a lovely story which I think you will enjoy.  Click on the link or cut and paste it into your browser and take a look.   


Mrs Rymer.heart



Monday 13th July.


Morning Acorns,


Welcome to the last week of the school year!  Oh my, hasn’t it gone so quickly?


Today, as it is our last Monday together, I thought we could do a gentle activity with Jamie:  It will help you to let go of your worries.


Below is the link. 


Mrs Rymer.smiley







Friday 10th July.


Happy Friday Acorns,


Well what another busy week we have had!  The time is flying by and it will soon be the end of term and the school year. 


Today I wonder if we can look at some Maths activities, what do you think? 








Have a lovely weekend.



Mrs Rymer.smiley





Thursday 9th July.



Good morning Acorns,


I am loving the Spider activities, are you?  If you are, then I have another activity or two that you might like to try!  The ideas below are threading and fine motor skill tasks; how do you think you will get on?


Don’t forget to send in your photos!










Mrs Rymer.heart







Wednesday 8th July.


Hello Little Acorns,


How did you get on with yesterday’s Nursery Rhyme activity?  Did you remember the actions?  I hadn’t heard the second verse of the rhyme before, had you?


I thought today we would keep to the theme of ‘Spiders’ and I have found some craft ideas you might like to try at home.


If you try any of these don’t forget to send in some photos, I would love to share them in the Newsletter this week.






Mrs Rymerheart












Tuesday 7th July.


Morning Acorns,


Did you take part in and enjoy ‘Coco the Butterfly’ yesterday?  I know some of the Little Acorns did in our ‘Bubbles’.


Do you remember the nursery rhyme ‘Incy Wincy Spider’?  Well if you do maybe you could follow the song on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser and join in with the actions.


Don’t forget keep you photos coming in and remember to check the Newsletter on Friday.


Mrs Rymer.

Monday 6th July.


Good morning,


I hope you had a lovely weekend?  I know Mr Rymer and I did as we saw our granddaughters and celebrated Leila’s 5th birthday together.  We went for a walk, played some games and had a picnic birthday tea.  What did you get up to?


So, as it’s Monday it must be Cosmic Yoga with Jamie!  I have added a link below for ‘Coco the Butterfly’.  I hope you enjoy it.


Mrs Rymer.smiley




Friday 3rd July.


Happy Friday Acorns!


I hope you had lots of fun creating your own sports day yesterday?

For today we shall finish the week doing something a little less physical.

Could you find some lined paper in your house and practice writing your first and last name a few times? Let’s see how many times you can write it in your best handwriting.  You could also practice writing the short date which is 3.7.20.

Have a fantastic weekend and remember to stay safe.


Miss Hodgson heart

Thursday 2nd July.


Good morning Little Acorns,


If you had been at school, then this week we would have been doing our sports day.

So, for today's challenge, how do you feel about having your own sports day with your family?

I have included a few race ideas for you but if you can think of any of your own, that would be great!


  • Running race.
  • Collecting 3 items in a bucket.
  • Egg and spoon.
  • Hopping or jumping.
  • Bean bag balanced on your head.


Please do send Mrs Rymer your photos; we really do enjoy seeing what you are all getting up to.


Have a great day,


Miss Hodgson heart



Wednesday 1st July.


Good morning Acorns,


Did you enjoy the domino activities yesterday? 

What do you think about making some model ‘Bugs’ today?   You can use things such as Playdoh, clay, plasticine, salt dough, or any junk-modelling items you have at home.  I have added some ideas below to help you.









Don’t forget to send in some photos. 

Mrs Rymer.


Tuesday 30th June.

Good morning,


Well, how did you get on yesterday with Cosmic Yoga and 'Enzo the Bee'?


Today, I would like you to focus on some Maths activities.  As always, I have added some ideas below.


Do you have any domino's at home?  If you do, could you try some of these ideas!






Take care.


Mrs Rymer.smiley



Monday 29th June.


Good morning Acorns,


I do hope you have had a fabulous weekend?


Can you believe it's week five of our final term?  It's going by so quickly!


So, as it's Monday, it's Cosmic Yoga with Jamie.  I have found the story of 'Enzo the Bee' this week and have added the link below:


Don't forget keep sending in your photos.smiley



Mrs Rymerheart








Friday 26th June.


Happy Friday Acorns,


Miss Hodgson and I really liked the Maths activity from yesterday, what did you think?


Today we thought you could try making your own ‘Ladybirds’ from bits and pieces around your home or garden.  We have added a few ideas, which we think might be useful.


Don’t forget to ask your grown up to take a photo of any activities you do, especially if they are some of our suggestions.smiley


Keep safe and hopefully we will see you all very soon.


Mrs Rymer and Miss Hodgson.heart







Thursday 25th June.


Good morning Acorns,


What did you think to the French greeting and goodbye yesterday?  We thought we would tease you.


What about Maths games for today’s activity?


We have found a great link for you to go on.


We hope you have fun doing it.


Mrs Rymer and Miss Hodgson




Wednesday 24th June.


Bonjour Petit Glands,


Did you like the French greeting this morning?


So for today’s activity would you like to watch the story of 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson?


Can you remember…

  1. What do we call the name of a person who writes the story?
  2. What do we call the name of the person who draws the pictures?
  3. If there is information on the back of the book, what is it called?


Extra dojo points for each one you can remember.



Here is the link for the story.


Au revoir Petit Glands,


Madame Rymer et Mademoiselle Hodgson




Tuesday 23rd June.


Happy Tuesday Acorns,


If you took part in Cosmic Yoga yesterday, how did you do with 'Enzo the Bee'?  Some of the older children in the 'Bubbles' had a go and really enjoyed it!


Today’s activity is going to be a creative one.

How would you like to do some handprint butterflies?

Below are some links to show you examples of how to create them, you can use other resources to make them look beautiful.




We hope you enjoy making these and we look forward to seeing the end results.


Mrs Rymer and Miss Hodgson.smiley

Monday 22nd June.


Good morning Acorns,


We hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend.  So, it’s Monday again, where did that week go?


Did you get up to anything interesting over the weekend?  If so please share any pictures with us that you may have.


Well as it’s Monday it is cosmic yoga. Below is attached a link to Arnold the Ant.


Have a great day!


“Catch it, kill it, bin it”.


Mrs Rymer and Miss Hodgson

Friday 19th June.


Happy Friday Little Acorns,


What a busy week we have had!  So today I think we should have a more relaxed activity, don’t you?


I wonder if you could imagine that you have grown a delicate pair of wings?  Then could you pretend to float, fly and flutter like a beautiful butterfly, flying from flower to flower or tree to tree, gently landing on them then carrying on to the next?  If you have a brother or sister maybe they would like to try this too? 






Have a lovely weekend.smiley



Mrs Rymer.heart




Thursday 18th June.


Good morning Little Acorns,


Well, how did you get on with the colour by numbers yesterday?  What a great way to have some fun and make sure you recognise and remember your numbers!


Today, I thought you might like to try and make a paper or card 'moving' Caterpillar, what do you think?  If you decide to have ago, then I have added a link below to help you.


All you need is either a piece of paper or card, a pencil, a pair of scissors and a drinking straw.smiley


Hopefully you will have lots of fun doing this activity, don't forget let me have your photos so I can share them either in ClassDojo or in the weekly 'Sparkle and Shine' newsletter.


Keep safe.smiley


Mrs Rymer.heart

Wednesday 17th June.


Good morning Acorns,


I hope you enjoyed making your 'Hungry Caterpillar' sandwiches, salads or fruits yesterday?


Today, I thought you might enjoy some Maths?  Don't worry it's not too tricky.  Below is some colouring by number worksheets.  If you have a printer at home, you could ask your grown up to print the out and then you could colour them with crayons, felt pens or even paint them?


Mrs Rymer.smiley



Tuesday 16th June.


Good Morning Little Acorns,


How did you get on yesterday with the 'Cosmic Yoga'?  


Today I thought you might like to try making 'Caterpillars' from sandwiches, fruit, salad or vegetables?  If you want to have a go, I have put some pictures below so you get an idea.yes


If you do try any of these at home, don't forget to send in some photos.smiley


Mrs Rymer heart













Monday 15th June.


Good Morning Acorns,


Did you have a lovely weekend?  It is so lovely to see the sunshine again, although we did need the rain.


Well it's the start of another busy week and I have lots for you to do at home.  The focus is still 'A Bug's Life' and I will be setting daily activities and ideas for you to try at home if you want too.  I am working in school again this week so I will also be helping the Little Acorns and Reception children who are in my 'bubble'.  We will be trying some of the ideas and activities, so look out for pictures on 'dojo'.smiley


As it is Monday it is 'Cosmic Yoga' with Jamie.  Why don't you ask your grown up to take part with you in 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'storyyes

I have added the link below for you.


Don't forget to keep sending in your pictures.



Mrs Rymerheart

Friday 12th June.


Hello Acorns,


So how did the bug hotel go? Did you manage to create one?


Today is a relaxed day.


If you have the Hungry Caterpillar book at home, do you fancy reading it with your adult ? Don't worry if you haven't, I have attached a link for you to be able to watch the story.


Attached below are two Caterpillar themed worksheets for you to look at...


Myself and Mrs Rymer hope you have a great weekend and we hope there is some sunshine yes


Stay Safe!


Miss Hodgson heart







Thursday 11th June.


Good morning Little Acorns,


Yesterday was another wet day wasn't it, raining pretty much all day!

Eva and I still made the most of it though, we got our coats on and went for a walk splashing in puddles again.

I let the paddling pool down yesterday as it was taking up to much space in my living room.

What did you little lot get up to?


So for today's task how would you like to make a bug hotel?

I have attached some things below to help you create one. If it is to wet, maybe you could collect some natural resources and create it inside.


Have a great day and stay safe!


Remember, "Catch it, kill it and bin it".


Miss Hodgson heart








Wednesday 10th June.


Happy Wednesday Acorns!!!


So what did you cheeky little lot do yesterday then?


I went for a lovely walk with Eva and spotted some Donkey's and Horse's, which she absolutely loved!

We also blew up her new big paddling pool in the living room and filled it with toys and blankets surprisesmiley


So tomorrow I thought you could maybe do a sorting activity if you would like? (Big and Small)

If you have any kind of bugs or insects in your home to use that would be great but if not, don't worry you can always use animals or craft pom poms or anything really, as long as you have big and small objects.


Have a wonderful day Acorns, we look forward to seeing your pictures from home.


Stay Safe!


Miss Hodgson heart







Tuesday 9th June.


Hello Lovely Little Acorns,


How are we all this morning?


So for today's task I would like you to do some scissor and pencil control. wink

I have attached some worksheets and video links below to help you all.


Please send us in your work, we are really missing you all, so would really like to see what you are all doing!


"Catch it, kill, it, bin it"


Stay Safe!


Miss Hodgson heart

             - Scissor control              - Pencil control

scissor control worksheet








Monday 8th June.


Good morning Little Acorns,


Did everyone have a fantastic weekend in the rain? Did any of you go puddle jumping?

I took Eva out on Saturday morning in her puddle suit and wellies! We found lots of puddles but especially a really BIG one that she just kept running back and forth through. 


So for today's task, how would you like to make a Hungry Caterpillar Finger Puppet?  I have attached a picture underneath of one I have found and maybe you could have a go at your very own.



Don't forget to send in any photos of what you have done at home for us to share.


Remember....... 'Catch it, kill it, bin it!"


Miss Hodgson heart

Friday 5th June.


Happy Friday Little Acorns


I hope you are all well!

How did you get on with doing the bug hunt? Did you find many?


I have a new challenge for you today...

I would like you to complete the following worksheet if possible.


Firstly, could you colour each shape and remember to try your hardest not to go out of the lines.

Then once you have completed the work, do you think you could go around your home and see if you can find any items which have the same shape, a little tricky but if you need your adults' help, just ask laugh


Please remember if you can send in some photos of your activities we will share them in either our weekly news letter or our 'class story' on dojo.


Don't forget.......... 'Catch it, kill it, bin it'


Have a great weekend all!


Miss Hodgson heart



Thursday 4th June.


Good morning Acorns,


I hope you have all had a wonderful night's sleep ready for another great day ahead.


I just wanted to remind everyone about making sure we are washing our hands much more and don't forget to sing 'happy birthday' twice whilst you do it, then you know they will be thoroughly clean.  Also when sneezing and coughing don't forget to 'catch it' 'kill it' and 'bin it' using tissues if possible and then again, do the 20 seconds of hand washing.


So today do you fancy going on a bug hunt?  If you do and you manage to collect any, how about you then do some counting and see if you have more than one of each bug?


Here is a worksheet to help you along your way.


Miss Hodgson ❤


Wednesday 3rd June.


Good morning Little Acorns


Did you all have a great day yesterday in the lovely sunshine? I think today is going to be a very different day!

So today with it being wet, would you all like to work on your singing voices and practice some bug songs?

I know 'Incy Wincy Spider' and 'The Ants Go Marching', could you have a think of any you might know?


We miss seeing you and hope to see you all soon, please stay safe smiley


Mrs Rymer and Miss Hodgson


Tuesday 2nd June.


Hello Little Acorns,


Where did that week go?   


It was lovely to spend time in my garden enjoying the fabulous weather.  I did take my dogs for early morning walks, before it got to hot and uncomfortable.   It was so peaceful listening to the birds singing and then watching the rabbits playing in the fields.


What did you get up to?  Please don't forget to share your photos or send a message telling me what you have enjoyed doing.


Today could you try some 'Cosmic Yoga'?  I found 'Stella the Stick Insect' on the internet and I thought this would be perfect for our topic this term 'A Bug's Life'.smiley


Mrs Rymer.

Friday 22nd May.


Good morning,


Well can you believe it's the last day of term?  The weeks and months seem to be flying by!   I have been so busy this week, with lots of 'zoom' meetings, online training and Paediatric first aid. 


So as it's the last day of term, I will just put in a few things you might like to try during the half term.smiley


Take care, don't forget to keep those photos coming in!


Mrs Rymer.smiley








Thursday 21st May.


Good morning Little Acorns,


Well I have had a very busy couple of days in school, I took part in Paediatric First Aid training course!   So what have been doing?  I have had some photos of you gardening and baking,  yum lovely.smiley


Below are a few Maths ideas you might like to try at home.  If you try any of the ideas please send them to me and I can then share them in the weekly newsletter.


Enjoy whatever you get up to.heart


Mrs Rymer.smiley





Monday 18th May.


Good morning Little Acorns,


I hope you had a lovely weekend and were able to go outside and play?  I carried on doing jobs in my garden with Mr Rymer.  We painted the fence and started dig out for our new patio.  


Please send in photos of the things you have been doing.


Here are a few ideas you might like to try.



Mrs Rymer. smiley




Friday 15th May.


Morning Little Acorns,


What a lovely morning, I think I will be spending time outside today.  Weeding and cutting the grass are on the agenda and maybe a nice cup of tea after.  Let me know what you are getting up to, did you make a 'Den' outside?  Or did you try the 'Jelly' maths?


Thank you for all the wonderful photos you keep sending, I've had so many this week I couldn't fit them all in the newsletter!


Enjoy your weekend.smiley


Mrs Rymer


Thursday 14th May.


Good morning,


Thank you for all the wonderful pictures and messages again this week, I really enjoy seeing what you have been getting up to.smiley


Below are a few maths ideas you might like to try at home, but always check with your grown up first.  If you try any of these, or you have your own activities, don't forget to get a picture and send it on to me.  Extra 'dojo' points for those that do and a spot in the weekly newsletter.


Keep safe


Mrs Rymer.smiley







Tuesday 13th May.


Good morning Little Acorns,


I hope you are all well and keeping busy?


I think it should be bridge or den building day today!  What about trying them outside if you are lucky enough to have outside space.

Whichever you do please send in your photos so I can share them in the weekly newsletter.


Mrs Rymer.smiley






























Tuesday 12th May.


Good morning Little Acorns,


A much brighter day today.  I have of course already been for a lovely walk with my dogs.  I did see other people walking their dogs too, but at the moment I just wave, keeping my distance and say "hopefully we can stand and chat soon."


My question is have you tried the 'Billy Goat' footprints from yesterday?  Please remember to ask your grown up before you do.


Here are a few ideas for you to try, don't forget to send in photos of any activities you have been doing, there are always dojo points for you to earn.smiley


Keep safe


Mrs Rymer.smiley




Monday 11th May.


Good morning Little Acorns,


I hope you are all keeping well?


What a busy time we had in the 'Nest' last week.  I hope you had a chance to look on the newsletter and see what we got up too!smiley


We are going to continue with our story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'.  So I wonder, if you have paint at home, whether you could paint

your feet, then make footprints on some paper.  You could pretend you are 'trip trap, trip trapping' over the bridge, just like a billy goat.  Ask your siblings or parent to have a go too.   Then can you compare/describe your prints with them?  


I would love to see photos of this activity.smiley


Finally, I have added below a link to The Children's Centre which the adults might find helpful.


Keep safe


Mrs Rymersmiley

Thursday 7th May.


Good morning Little Acorns,


In the 'Nest' we are getting ready for V.E. day.  We are celebrating today and tomorrow by having a 'street party' with homemade sausage rolls, sandwiches and cakes.


The children have been busy making posters, bunting, flags and understanding the significance V.E. day.


Please send in any photos if you take part in the celebrations on Friday.


Mrs Rymer.smiley

Wednesday 6th May.


Good morning,


Well another beautiful day, I hope you are all keeping safe and well?


Have you been able to read the 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' story?  Well if you have can you build a bridge for the 'goats' to go across and the 'troll' to hide under?  


Please keep those wonderful pictures and messages coming, I really love to see what you have been doing.smiley


Mrs Rymer.smiley



Tuesday 5th May.


Good morning Little Acorns,


I went for a lovely walk with my dogs this morning, before I came to school.


The children in the 'Nest' are busy focusing on V.E. day activities, including colouring flags and constructing bunting.


I have sent a link for you to colour your own flag.



Mrs Rymersmiley




Monday 4th May.


Good morning Little Acorns,


I hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend?


This week it is my turn to be in the nest. I will be working with the children who are coming to school.


Our focus story is 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'.   I have put on a link for you to follow.



Mrs Rymer smiley

Friday 1st May.


Good morning Little Acorns,


Well where did that week go?  I can't believe it's Friday already!


A big thank you to everyone who has sent pictures and messages again this week.smiley  Make sure you check the 'Newsletter' today.


Here are a few crafty ideas you might like to try at home and keep those photos coming in.


Please keep safe and enjoy your weekend.



Mrs Rymer.smiley


p.s Remember we are looking at the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff!' next week.





Thursday 30th April.


Good morning Little Acorns,


A little blustery this morning but I have enjoyed my walk with the dogs across the fields and along the public foothpaths.


I want to say a 'BIG' thank you to everyone who joined in with the 'Zoom'call yesterday, it was great to see you.  Hopefully we can do another very soon for those who couldn't make it.


Great to see you doing some of the activities.smiley Look out, you might spot yourself in this weeks newsletter.


Keep safe


Mrs Rymer.smiley



Wednesday 29th April.


Good morning,


Wow!  I just wanted to say thank you to all the grown ups who have responded to my suggestion of a 'Zoom' call today.  Miss Hodgson and I are so looking forward to seeing you.smiley


Here are a few ideas for maths learning that you might like to try at home.





Keep safe and I will see you this afternoon.


Mrs Rymersmiley


Tuesday 28th April.


Morning Little Acorns,


A little chilly this morning, but I have already had a lovely walk.


I just wanted to say thank you everyone who has decided to join our 'Zoom' call tomorrow, I can't wait to catch up with you!smiley I will dojo message the code in the morning.


How are those 'Wanted Posters' getting on?


Today I thought you might like to try being 'The Big Bad Wolf', so here is an idea you might like to try at home.  Collect 12 different items from around your home, inside or outside.  Next lay them on the a table and then try and blow them, just like 'Big Bad'.

Did you blow them away? smiley

Extra dojo points if you take a photo and send it to me.yes



Keep safe


Mrs Rymersmiley







Monday 27th April.


Good morning Little Acorns!smiley


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine?


Thank you so much for all the photos and messages last week.


Now our story again this week is 'The Three Little Pigs', but I want you to think about the Wolf.  

Can you make a 'Wanted' poster?  Remember to think about his eyes, nose and ears.  I look forward to seeing your creations.


As it is Monday that means it's 'Yoga' so if you can ask adult to look online for Cosmic Yoga. You could choose one of Jamie's stories to follow and maybe ask your grown up to have a go too! 

I have also found a few poses you might like to try at home.smiley


Have fun!



Mrs Rymersmiley



Friday 24th April.



Good morning and happy Friday,


Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments and pictures this week.   Take a look at the newsletter later and see if you can spot your photo!


Well another week is coming to a close, so maybe we could finish by making a 'pig' or 'wolf' mask?  I have also added a few maths activities you might want to adapt and try at home.


Keep safe.


Mrs Rymer.smiley









Thursday 23rd April.


Morning Little Acorns,


Happy 'St Georges Day'!


Well I can't believe it's Thursday already!  We have been so busy building, designing and making all things 'Pig'.


Thank you for all the wonderful pictures and comments, please keep them coming in.


Here are few ideas you might like to try at home.


Mrs Rymer. smiley



Wednesday 22nd April.


Good morning,


What another beautiful day,  I have already been for a lovely walk with my dogs.  It is so peaceful, hardly any traffic.  However I did hear some noises, but what do you think they were?  Extra dojo points if you have a guess!smiley


Thank you for all your fabulous pictures yesterday, keep them coming!


Here are a few ideas to try at home.





Mrs Rymersmiley

Tuesday 21st April.


Good morning everyone,


Thank you for sharing all your pictures yesterday, it was lovely to see you all and what you have been doing.

How did you get on with Cosmic Yoga?

Did you find any different story endings to "The Three Little Pigs?"


I have a few ideas you might like to try at home.





I wonder if you can tell me the total number of eyes "The Three Little Pigs" have altogether?

You could try counting the ears, noses, trotters and tails.  I am waiting for your answers, extra Dojo points if you take part.


Keep safe,



Mrs Rymer.smiley

Monday 20th April.


Good morning Little Acorns,


I hope you are well and have enjoyed what would have been the Easter holidays.

My question is, did you get lots of chocolate treats?  Mrs Rymer had far to many.wink


Our Topic this term is "Once upon a time..."

So we will be looking at one of my favourite tales over the next couple of weeks, The Three Little Pigs.  If you have the story at home please share it with each other if you can.

Could you use an Ipad/tablet/laptop at home to find the story?  Make sure an adult checks the site.  

Are the stories all the same?  Do they have different endings?

I would really like to know.

As it is Monday, we would be taking part in Cosmic Yoga this afternoon.  If you ask an adult to help you google Cosmic Yoga, The Three Little Pigs, you can still take part.



Please keep safe and keep sending me your photos.smiley


Mrs Rymer.

Learning opportunities at home.


Popcorn Football/Olympics - use straws to blow popcorn along the table to a goal at end or add obstacles to go over or around.

Fashion shoot - everyone at home to dress up in their best clothes and then take photos.

Make an Easter hat or bonnet.

Create a touch and feel bag - place an object inside a bag.  Get someone to guess what's inside by just feeling it?

Play some favourite rings games - farmers in his den, ring a ring a roses.

Make some wrapping paper - dip cut potatoes or carrots into paint then press them onto paper.

Make your own play dough or salt dough and use it to make models.

Decorate your own Easter card.

Guess the animal - without making any noise, act like the animal try an elephant, cat or penguin.

Try building a tall tower using dried spaghetti and one 30cm piece of sticky tape.


Thursday 2nd April.


Good morning,


What a beautiful day.smiley


I have been for a lovely long walk already this morning enjoying the peace, quiet and sunshine.


Thank you for all your wonderful pictures and messages over the last couple of weeks.  It's great to see

you all keeping so cheerful and working so hard.


Here are a few ideas to keep you busy over the next few weeks.








Wednesday 1st April.


Morning Little Acorns.

Thank you for all your pictures yesterday, it was great to see what you have been up to.

I can see that you enjoyed the shape hunt, so could you make some shape pictures today? 

Show me your cutting skills for extra dojos.


If your grown up has signed up free to twinkl, there are more shape activities for you to try.


Mrs Rymer.smiley





Tuesday 31st March.

Good Morning,


Did you remember the pig's houses were made of straw, sticks and bricks?   Well done if you did.


Please keep sending in your photos, I like to see what you have been getting up to.


Today I wonder if you can look for 2d shapes inside or outside?  If you have access to Twinkl there is a worksheet to help '2d shape hunt'.

Please remember Twinkl is free to sign up to at the moment and it has lots of ideas, activities and PowerPoints for you all to take part in.


Extra dojo points for the Little Acorn that finds the most 2d shapes.


Mrs R :)


Monday 30th March.


Good morning,


I am getting ready for PE this morning with Joe Wicks, are you?


I have just looked out of my window and it's a bit of a splishy sploshy day, so I think I will go outside after PE in my wellies and puddle jump.

Could you do that too?  I would love to see photos if you do.


This afternoon I am going to read a story - The Three Little Pigs.  What did the pigs make their houses from?  I look forward to your answers.


Please keep sending me your pictures and photos.  :)

Friday 27th March.


Good morning everyone,


Wow it's a bit chilly, but so sunny.

I have just said 'hello' to the chickens and collected another two eggs.  Maybe today you could count how many eggs you have

at home.  Should we count the Easter eggs too?


Miss Gray, the children and I are getting ready for Joe Wicks at 9am this morning.

If you are taking part please send in some pictures, I would love to see them.  You can always get your grown up to take part as well.


Mrs Rymer.

Learning opportunities at home.


Sing together a favourite nursery rhyme - shout, whisper, rap and dance to the beat.

Paper chain rainbows - use the colours of the rainbow in sequence.

Indoor camping - use an old sheet/blanket, move the furniture, turn out the lights and use torches.

Adult to help web search good morning in another language.

Make a paper pirate hat.

Fruit/vegetable faces.

Learning to juggle with 2 pairs of socks - if you are good at that try 3 pairs!!

Make a weather chart.

Treasure Hunt inside or outside.

Make a time capsule.





Useful websites.



Hope some of these ideas help.  Please don't feel their is any pressure to do them all, but I will be updating the weekly ten on a Thursday.


Spread Hope Spread the Rainbow.





Thank you everyone for sending your in beautiful pictures here are a few.

Little Acorns taking part in Sport Relief 2020.

It's Turtle Time.

Enjoying a morning in our indoor beach.

Celebrating World Book Day 2020!

Enjoying water play!

One of our exciting Maths activities.

Messy play!


Designing our own 'Superheros' and practising our cutting skills.

The Little Acorns & Conkers Nativity.

Exploring Ice!

Raising awareness of bullying by wearing odd socks.

Halloween activities!

Paper Plate Portraits.

Little Acorns Sports Day 2019

Forest School

Using string to create our very own spider's web.

Easter Activities!

Our Under The Sea Display!

Under The Sea!

Water Play - Fishing!

Our Parent and Carer Craft Afternoon celebrating Chinese New Year!

Our Bear Cave!

Going on a Bear Hunt