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Welcome toToyntonAll Saints Primary School

Little Acorns

Welcome to Little Acorns Nursery


Our environment offers play-based activities and experiences, providing

excitement and challenge appropriate to children from 3 years+ across

the breadth of the Foundation Stage Curriculum. 


We use Tapestry (a secure online learning journal) to record photos,

observations and comments, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum,

which build up a record of your child's experiences during their time with us.

We would really appreciate it if you could also upload your own 

observations, photos and videos to enable us to create an even

greater picture of your child's development.


Our EYFS Lead is Miss Gray.


Our Lead Key Worker is Mrs Rymer.

Our Key Worker is Miss Hodgson.

Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Marriott.


We hope that you enjoy finding out what we have been getting up to!

Our topic this term is: 


Learning opportunities at home.


Popcorn Football/Olympics - use straws to blow popcorn along the table to a goal at end or add obstacles to go over or around.

Fashion shoot - everyone at home to dress up in their best clothes and then take photos.

Make an Easter hat or bonnet.

Create a touch and feel bag - place an object inside a bag.  Get someone to guess what's inside by just feeling it?

Play some favourite rings games - farmers in his den, ring a ring a roses.

Make some wrapping paper - dip cut potatoes or carrots into paint then press them onto paper.

Make your own play dough or salt dough and use it to make models.

Decorate your own Easter card.

Guess the animal - without making any noise, act like the animal try an elephant, cat or penguin.

Try building a tall tower using dried spaghetti and one 30cm piece of sticky tape.


Thursday 2nd April.


Good morning,


What beautiful day.smiley


I have been for lovely long walk already this morning enjoying the peace, quiet and sunshine.


Thank you for all your wonderful pictures and messages over the last couple of weeks.  It's great to see

you all keeping so cheerful and working so hard.


Here are a few ideas to keep you busy over the next few weeks.








Wednesday 1st April.


Morning Little Acorns.

Thank you for all your pictures yesterday, it was great to see what you have been up to.

I can see that you enjoyed the shape hunt, so could you make some shape pictures today? 

Show me your cutting skills for extra dojos.


If your grown up has signed up free to twinkl, there are more shape activities for you to try.


Mrs Rymer.smiley





Tuesday 31st March.

Good Morning,


Did you remember the pig's houses were made of straw, sticks and bricks?   Well done if you did.


Please keep sending in your photos, I like to see what you have been getting up to.


Today I wonder if you can look for 2d shapes inside or outside?  If you have access to Twinkl there is a worksheet to help '2d shape hunt'.

Please remember Twinkl is free to sign up to at the moment and it has lots of ideas, activities and PowerPoints for you all to take part in.


Extra dojo points for the Little Acorn that finds the most 2d shapes.


Mrs R :)


Monday 30th March.


Good morning,


I am getting ready for PE this morning with Joe Wicks, are you?


I have just looked out of my window and it's a bit of a splishy sploshy day, so I think I will go outside after PE in my wellies and puddle jump.

Could you do that too?  I would love to see photos if you do.


This afternoon I am going to read a story - The Three Little Pigs.  What did the pigs make their houses from?  I look forward to your answers.


Please keep sending me your pictures and photos.  :)

Friday 27th March.


Good morning everyone,


Wow it's a bit chilly, but so sunny.

I have just said 'hello' to the chickens and collected another two eggs.  Maybe today you could count how many eggs you have

at home.  Should we count the Easter eggs too?


Miss Gray, the children and I are getting ready for Joe Wicks at 9am this morning.

If you are taking part please send in some pictures, I would love to see them.  You can always get your grown up to take part as well.


Mrs Rymer.

Learning opportunities at home.


Sing together a favourite nursery rhyme - shout, whisper, rap and dance to the beat.

Paper chain rainbows - use the colours of the rainbow in sequence.

Indoor camping - use an old sheet/blanket, move the furniture, turn out the lights and use torches.

Adult to help web search good morning in another language.

Make a paper pirate hat.

Fruit/vegetable faces.

Learning to juggle with 2 pairs of socks - if you are good at that try 3 pairs!!

Make a weather chart.

Treasure Hunt inside or outside.

Make a time capsule.





Useful websites.



Hope some of these ideas help.  Please don't feel their is any pressure to do them all, but I will be updating the weekly ten on a Thursday.


Spread Hope Spread the Rainbow.





Thank you everyone for sending your in beautiful pictures here are a few.

Little Acorns taking part in Sport Relief 2020.

Little Acorns taking part in Sport Relief 2020. 1

It's Turtle Time.

It's Turtle Time. 1
It's Turtle Time. 2

Enjoying a morning in our indoor beach.

Enjoying a morning in our indoor beach. 1
Celebrating World Book Day 2020!
Picture 1

Enjoying water play!

Enjoying water play! 1

One of our exciting Maths activities.

One of our exciting Maths activities. 1

Messy play!


Designing our own 'Superheros' and practising our cutting skills.

The Little Acorns & Conkers Nativity.

The Little Acorns & Conkers Nativity. 1

Exploring Ice!

Exploring Ice! 1

Raising awareness of bullying by wearing odd socks.

Raising awareness of bullying by wearing odd socks. 1 Anti Bullying Week

Halloween activities!

Paper Plate Portraits.

Paper Plate Portraits. 1

Little Acorns Sports Day 2019

Little Acorns Sports Day 2019 1

Forest School

Forest School 1 Jack and the beanstalk themed Forest School fun!

Using string to create our very own spider's web.

Using string to create our very own spider's web. 1

Easter Activities!

Our Under The Sea Display!

Our Under The Sea Display! 1

Under The Sea!

Under The Sea! 1

Water Play - Fishing!

Water Play - Fishing! 1

Our Parent and Carer Craft Afternoon celebrating Chinese New Year!

Our Parent and Carer Craft Afternoon celebrating Chinese New Year! 1

Our Bear Cave!

Our Bear Cave! 1

Going on a Bear Hunt

Going on a Bear Hunt 1