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Welcome toToyntonAll Saints Primary School


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Welcome to Class 2 – The Chestnuts!


Our Class Teacher is Miss Gray.


Our Trainee Teacher is Mrs Coulthard.

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Lound.


In our class we have 18 children.

Our overall topic this year is: “People who changed the World”.

Throughout the year we will investigate different people who have changed the World. This could be through music, art, technology, or politically. 


Our topic for this half term is: "Record Breakers".

We will be learning about records that have been broken, specifically Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. 


David Hawes, our Forest School Consultant, works with us in our Family Groups to develop learning zones in Wild At Heart.

Spring Curriculum Information

Maths In Chestnuts!


We are applying our learning from throughout the year to support our counting to 100. We had pots of counters that we had to count using the most efficient method. 

We had a lovely day at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park. We learnt about birds, tigers, meercats and many more animals. 


Our boats!

Our boats! 1 Sunny's boat
Our boats! 2 Lucas' boat
Our boats! 3 Lucy's boat
Our boats! 4 Barnaby's boat
Our boats! 5 Perdy's boat
Our boats! 6 Kathryn's boat
Our boats! 7 Kye's boat
Our boats! 8 Lottie's boat
Our boats! 9 Emily's boat
Our boats! 10 Alivia's boat
Our boats! 11 Gracie's boat
Our boats! 12 Eleanor's boat
Our boats! 13 Harry's boat
Our boats! 14 Oscar's boat
Our boats! 15 Esme's boat
Our boats! 16 Charlotte's boat
Our boats! 17 Maggie's boat
Our boats! 18 Sofia's boat

Our adventures this week...

 Our adventures this week... 1 Toasting marshmallows using the fire pit.
 Our adventures this week... 2 Building dens in teams.
 Our adventures this week... 3 Our spring visitors!

Instruction writing

We have been learning to write instructions. We read 'How to wash a Woolly Mammoth' and we have loved reading the story. Here is our class story map that has helped us learn about instructions. 

PE Skills

PE Skills 1

Felicity Aston's Visit

Felicity Aston's Visit 1
Felicity Aston's Visit 2
Felicity Aston's Visit 3
Felicity Aston's Visit 4
Felicity Aston's Visit 5